The Web is a Party...

Let’s Mingle.

Code: An Early Arrival

Code showed up to the party early. He had been to these kinds of mandatory government functions before; he wasn’t expecting much.

“I’ll just send some e-mails and display some documents with well-ordered lists, and I’ll cut out early,” he thought. He didn’t dress up. He thought he could probably get by with a blink tag .

Design: Fashionably Late

Design didn’t even really feel like going.

“It’s just going to be a bunch of math geeks who have no appreciation for me,” she thought. She wouldn’t know anyone there, and she knew they wouldn’t care that she was wearing her new earrings. She thought she’d drop in to say hello, and cut out early.

Design Meets Code

It was not love at first sight. She hated that tie. He thought she was so superfluous, he expected her to cough up a bejeweled purse dog all over his perfectly ordered lists. They argued. They fought. They spit at each other. They engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

Browser wars broke out, standards swirled in chaos, fledgling technologies were crushed, others rose to domination and millions of Web pages all over the world displayed the carnage.

A Cosmic Epiphany

Code swiped the blood away from his algorithms and took a hard long look at Design.

“I need her,” he admitted. “I am super-smart, but no one is going to use my whiz-bang functionality if they don’t like how it’s presented, or they can’t figure out how to use it. Plus, she is really hot, surprisingly intelligent, and I admire her conviction - I’m proud to know her.”

Design pushed her layout back into place and took a good long look at Code.

“I need him,” she admitted. “I am gorgeous, but I’m much more attractive and fun when I’m actually doing something. Plus, he’s pretty reliable, surprisingly passionate, and the way he manipulates digits to give me exactly what I want in only a few seconds is really exciting.”

Code & Design Dance

As they swirled on the dance floor together, he took her hand, looked deep into her eyes, and asked, “What’s causing this friction between us? Will it be the death of us?”

“We reflect and connect our creators; their struggles, their beauty, their demons and their drives. One day, we may leave this party for a better one, but we will always live and we will always dance.”

Inspired by her own speech, she let him keep that horrible bow tie (blink tag), but only in Gecko-based browsers, and it won't validate in HTML5. So, he allowed CSS3 animation transitions, but not in Internet Explorer. Not yet. They were both avoiding the inevitable Flash discussion, but that will come another day - because tonight is for the Dance.

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Who We’ve Been Mingling With

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The Music We Dance To

Services & Samples: our Web and Internet services are many and varied. We provide any necessary training for everything we do and we absolutely welcome inquiries for project-types not specifically listed here. Please note: I am actively developing this section at the moment - check back soon for this area to be more complete and polished up for company.

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A Closer Look At Our Moves

Please note: I am actively developing this section at the moment - check back soon for this area to be more complete and polished up for company.

Who We Are & What We’re Drinking

About Kramer Publishing Interactive

We believe in client empowerment, pretty pictures, solid code, and in doing the job right the first time. Quality is the cornerstone of KPI’s success, and it's why our clients keep coming back.

Based in San Francisco, California, we sleep, breathe, eat & drink the Web. Projecting your presence on the Web in its best reflection, is really what drives KPI.

We do PSD-to-HTML, CMS setup and custom themes - we are WordPress experts - custom programming, graphic design, site maintenance, full sites from design to deployment, social media strategy/support and we love to push the envelope with new Web technologies. Call us up, throw something at us, and let's talk. Agencies welcome.

-- Kristin Kramer, Code Master General
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